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About Raheem Indian Restaurant & Takeaway..


Indian cuisine is largely influenced by religious beliefs and regional availability of ingredients. Having seen settlers from various parts of the world over the centuries, the Indian Cuisine has also been influenced by those who came to her shores. Significant amongst those are the “Mughlai Cuisine”- a gift of the Persians & Arabs, the popular Vindaloo that came from the Portuguese, and the British – who anglicized the Indian cuisine and thanks to who we now have the Chicken Tikka Masala on menus at most Indian Restaurants!

 Derby! As diverse as India in its population! It is here that we have a huge Diplomatic Community from across the globe. People of West Hallam have long enjoyed the various International Cuisines due to the migrant communities that have made this wonderful city their home.

Think Derby + Indian Food and one place that comes to mind is The Raheem Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in West Hallam. Over the years, the Raheem Indian Restaurant & Takeaway has served authentic Indian food from various regions of India, although the focus has been largely on the curries and biryanies.

 We endeavour to maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves at West Hallam. In this new venture, we plan to introduce the people of derby to the diverse Indian Regional Cuisine. Although we will still have the popular favourites on our menu, we will also offer a smorgasbord of dishes from regional India. We will have seasonal menus to bring to you the various flavours from across the sub-continent! 

 We hope to enjoy the support that you have been providing . We are here because of you! As always, we sincerely hope you have “an unforgettable experience in Indian Food”.

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